It is with great pleasure and immense pride that we announce that as of September 2020 Marley Building Systems will now be officially trading as Etex South Africa.

In September, Marley Building Systems officially started trading as Etex South Africa. This change represents our mission to inspire conscious building principles that are underpinned by technological advancements and an awareness of global challenges such as urbanisation and climate change.

"We are a company of many brands, many countries, and many factories, but if we come together, we're one team with more than 12 000 people. We have the products and systems to help this world out." - Etex's global director-general, Paul van Oyen

Inspiration is at the core of who we are and what we offer our valued customers and stakeholders in the construction and industrial sectors. More than a supplier of high-quality building materials, we are a global movement that exists to inspire through offering building materials that are sustainable, smart and beautiful.

Marley Building Systems will now be officially trading as Etex South Africa
Marley Building Systems will now be officially trading as Etex South Africa

The current pandemic has drastically altered the way the world does business, and it has become clear that cohesion is more critical to success today than ever before. In the face of unprecedented change and uncertainty, it is the team that can work together that will rise to the top.

Etex offers sustainable products for the future
Etex offers sustainable products for the future

Our planet is dealing with colossal challenges, like resource scarcity and rapidly growing cities, and climate change poses a big problem for humanity, now and in the future. As a global force, we need to become proactive if we want to prevent a depleted world.

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Together we are building on our Etex strengths

Our recent name change helps to unite us as one global team, who works together to promote a collaborative and caring culture. We are building on our extensive experience and involvement in the industry and strive to become a team that continually aims to improve our customers' quality of living with ever more effective lightweight solutions.

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